• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersAfghanistan
  • Founded1388

Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MoRR - Afghanistan)

Mission : The Ministry of Refugees and Refugees, based on their strategic goals, provides the opportunity for refugee and displacement of new settlements, legal support, job opportunities and vocational training opportunities. This ministry has its commitment to facilitate voluntary, gradual, secure and reputable return from neighboring countries, the UN High Commissioner and the Understanding of the International Refugee Organization, with neighboring countries, and neighboring countries, and other countries.  As a result of the withdrawal, the Ministry seeks to ensure that the returnees and displaced families of the displaced families live in residential areas of reconstruction, social and economic stability and other areas. Providing services to the relevant organizations and international organizations such as the UNHCR and the IOM process. Activating competition for recruiting professionals and qualified employees. Apart from the permanent solution of the housing issue, refugee capacity building is also counted on the key priorities of this ministry. With financial and technical assistance through meetings, conferences and good intentions with individuals, organizations and families and foreign representatives. The focus of the five-year ministry focuses on the priorities, refugee, voluntary and gradual returns with government and international organizations, their legal support, solvitation of employment, vocational training, rehabilitation and primary resettlement and emergency Their ability to enhance their capacity and basic things such as clinics, schools, bridges, mosques, parks, water, roads, and other, are the special focus of these priorities. In addition to voluntary refund, resettlement and settlement of their displacement, capacity building and problem solving, training of their vocational education and their rights and privileges according to national and international laws ( International Human Rights Statement, the International Convention of 1951, the 1967 protocols and international treaties and the United Nations High Commissioner in Afghanistan, Overseas Countries and Refugee Affairs.) Objectives : The Ministry of Refugees seeks to reach their goals, which: Resolve the problem of displacement of displaced and displaced refugees and the government of Afghanistan, according to Article 104 of 104, builds a township from public property to them. However, this is going to work with ministries, urban development, rural development and ministries. With the help of health, education, household affairs, pilgrims, and transport ministries, make irrigation, such as water, road, bridge, clinic, school, madrasa and park, mosques and security posts. With the help of work and social affairs, the International Organization of Work, the United Nations High Commissioner and the International Organization of Refugee, solving work-related problems, capacity building and family-run and technical training programs. The voluntary and gradual withdrawal of the Afghan people, and the United Nations High Commissioner, the Refugees of the United Nations, the Foreign Ministry, Embassies and Allies, together in particular, in Iran and Pakistan. Refugees legal support and their problems.
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