Ministry of Security (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The BiH Ministry of Security is competent for: protection of international borders, internal border crossings, and regulation of traffic at the border crossings of Bosnia and Herzegovina; prevention and detection of perpetrators of crimes relating to terrorism, trafficking in drugs, forgery of domestic and foreign currencies, trafficking in humans, and the other crimes with international or inter-entity element; international cooperation in all the fields of the Ministry’s competence (cooperation with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, SELEC, MARRI, etc…); protection of persons and facilities; collection and use of data relevant for security of Bosnia and Herzegovina; organization and harmonization of activities of Entity Ministries of Interior and the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina in performing security tasks of  BiH interest; implementation of international obligations and cooperation in matters relating to civil protection, coordination of activities of entity services for civil protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and harmonization of their plans for cases of natural or other disasters striking BiH territories, as well as issuance of agenda for protection and rescue; creation, monitoring and implementation of policy on immigration and asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina; settlement of procedures and means of organization of service dealing with movement and stay of aliens in Bosnia and Herzegovina; provision of support to police bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina; education and professional development of staff in accordance with needs of the BiH police bodies and the other security services and agencies; forensic examination and expertise. Constituent parts of this Ministry are also the following administrative organizations: Direction for Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, State Investigation and Protection Agency, Forensic Examination and Expertise Agency, Personnel Education and Professional Development Agency, Police Support Agency, and the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • TRG BiH 1 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina