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Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger (MSD - Brazil)

The Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger (MSD) was created in January 2004, by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, with the goal of promoting the social inclusion, food and nutrition security, full social assistance and a minimum citizen income to the families living in poverty. In order to do it, the Ministry implements numerous programs and public policies for social development, manages the Social Assistance National Fund (SANF) and approves the general budgets of the Industry Social Service (SESI), of the Commerce Social Service (SESC) and the Transport Social Service (SEST). Through the direct cash transfer programs, such as Bolsa Família, MSD provides citizenship and social inclusion to the beneficiaries, which arecommitted to health and education activities. The Ministry also carries out structuring, emergency and sustainable actions of fight against hunger, by food production and distribution actions, family agriculture promotion, regional development and nutritional education, respecting the Brazilian cultural diversity. The Ministry also strives to consolidate the right to social assistance throughout the national territory and to bring agility to the transfer of federal government funding to the states and municipalities. MSD was originated from three extinct governmental structures: Extraordinary Ministry of Food and Nutrition Security (EMFNS), Ministry of Social Assistance (MSA) and Executive Secretariat of the Interministerial Manager Council of Bolsa Família. With its creation, in 2004, the Federal Government centralized the initiatives and began carrying out its strategy of social development in a more robust and articulated way and with bigger investments in public policies that benefit tens of millions of people. Nowadays, MSD’s actions are carried out in the three spheres of Government and in partnership with civil society, international organisms and financing institutions. This articulation establishes a solid network of social protection and promotion that breaks the poverty cycle and promotes the assurance of citizenship in the Brazilian communities.
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