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Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (Kementerian Badan Usaha Milik Negara Republik) (Indonesia)

Considering the role, function and contribution of SOEs to state finances is very significant, since 1998, the government of the Republic of Indonesia has changed the form of SOE supervisors and management organizations to become a Ministry level. The beginning of the change in the form of the organization occurred during the administration of Development Cabinet VII, with the name of the State Ministry for the Utilization of BUMN / Head of the BUMN Development Board. The first minister responsible for the utilization of the SOE was Mr Tanri Abeng. At this time the idea was initiated about BUMN Incorporated, a BUMN organization in the form of a super holding. In 2000 until 2001, the Ministry's organizational structure was abolished and returned again to echelon I level within the Ministry of Finance. The Director General of BUMN Development was then held by Mr. I Nyoman Tjager. However, in 2001, when there was a succession of the leadership of the Republic of Indonesia, the SOE development organization was restored to a Ministry level until the United Indonesia Cabinet period. The Minister who handles SOEs is combined with investment, so it is called the State Minister for Investment and Guidance for SOEs entrusted to Mr. Laksamana Sukardi. He was later replaced by Mr. Rozy Munir. Furthermore, when the replacement of the President of Indonesia returned, under the cabinet called the Mutual Cooperation Cabinet, Mr. Laksamana Sukardi returned to become Minister of BUMN. At that time, re-separating between BUMN and investment investment. Mr. Laksamana Sukardi became the Minister of BUMN from 2001 to 2004. Then, when Mr. SBY was elected President in 2004, there was a change of Minister to handle this BUMN. During the United Indonesia Cabinet Volume I, Mr. Sugiharto was entrusted to be the Minister of State Enterprises (2004-2006), which was then replaced by Mr. Sofyan A. Djalil (2006-2009) and Mr. Mustafa Abubakar (2009-2011). Furthermore, Mr. Dahlan Iskan became the Minister of State Enterprises in the United Indonesia Cabinet II (2011-2014). In the era of the Working Cabinet President Joko Widodo appointed Mrs. Rini M. Soemarno as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises for the 2014-2019 Period.
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