• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded1990

Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities (Haiti) (MICT)

MISSION The Ministry of the Interior is the central body whose mission is to design, define and implement the policy of the executive power with regard to the supervision of local authorities, immigration and emigration and civil protection. FUNCTIONS The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for: exercising supervisory control over local authorities; coordinating and controlling departments, districts and communes as the administrative and deconcentrated administrative units of the State; take - matter of Civil Protection - all the measures of prevention and relief that requires the safeguarding of the populations, in particular in case of public calamities; ensure, together with the relevant institutions, compliance with the constitutional requirements with regard to individual guarantees and fundamental rights; ensure the implementation of laws and measures aimed at guaranteeing the internal security of the State, while taking into account constitutional guarantees; ensure enforcement of immigration laws and measures; authorize the operation and jointly control with the ministries and agencies concerned the activities of non-governmental development organizations; manage jointly with the competent administrative entities the public domain properties; exercise any other powers related to its mission and assigned by the constitution and by law. The Ministry is headed by a Minister to whom may be attached one or more Secretaries of State. The general attributions of the latter are defined by the law and their specific attributions, specified by the Minister. In the exercise of his functions, the Minister of the Interior receives the support of the services and infrastructure of the National Defense Ministers and Justice.
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