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Ministry of Transport and Public Works (Malawi)

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works is composed of several departments and these are Civil Aviation, Road Traffic, Roads/Public Works, Marine, Rail, and P.V.H.O. Malawi’s transport system currently includes about 15,451,797  kilometers of roads, 810 kilometers of railway track, 4 major lake harbours and 5 commercial airports. As a landlocked country, Malawi depends on her road and rail systems and those of the neighbouring States for the transportation of the bulk of her exports and imports to sea ports. The international routes are by rail through Mozambique to the port of Nacala, covering a distance of 799 kilometers from Blantyre; 807 Kilometers from Limbe; and 988 kilometers from Lilongwe; by rail to the port of Baira covering a distance of 568 Kilometers from Blantyre and 934 Kilometers from Lilongwe; by road to the port of Beira covering a distance of 800 kilometers from Blantyre and 996 kilometers from Lilongwe; to the port of Dar-es-Salaam by road covering a distance of 1 905 Kilometers from Blantyre and 1 660 kilometers from Lilongwe; by road to the port of Durban covering a distance of 2 661 Kilometers from Blantyre via Mwanza and 2 911 Kilometers from Lilongwe via Mwanza; and by air to the outside world. The efficiency and effectiveness of her external transport links, those of a landlocked country, are important for promotion of the international trade. However, currently, there are a number of impediments that hamper smooth flow of traffic within and outside this region. These impediments are basically due to lack of harmonization of transportation standards and procedures in the region.  In order to address these problems, the Government has signed a number of bilateral and multi-lateral agreements to ensure common approach. It is widely recognized that an adequate level of transport services is necessary for national development and that it is catalytic and complimentary to other sectors of the economy.  Malawi has several modes of transport, namely road, rail, lake and air transport.  It is, therefore, in the national interest that these services are developed at a rate which is consistent with that of the other sectors of the economy, and that those modes rendering services for which they are most suited are efficiently used. The Ministry is carrying out a number of programmes in order to achieve its vision, mission and objectives.  Mandate "To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system." Vision "A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system." Mission To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.
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