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Ministry of Transport (Ethiopia)


  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersEthiopia
Strategic areas of the Ministry Expanding transport infrastructure; Result: Increased service coverage International standards Transportation Services for All; The result: Increasing social satisfaction Establishing a sustainable and reliable reform system; Result: institutional competence Vision To See the people of ethiopia enjoy the access of reliable transport services by 2025. Mission Building the capacity of the sector; leading and backing the participation of the private sector as well as scaling up efficent and fruitful transport network in an equitable manner accros the nation within a short period of time. Specific powers and duties of Ministry of Transport As per Article 23 of the proclamation no. 691/2003 E.C Ministry of Transport have the following specific powers and duties; Promote the expansion of transport services, Ensure that the provision of transport services are integrated and are in line with the country's development strategies, Ensure the establishment and implantation of regulatory frameworks to guarantee the provision of reliable and safe transporter services, Regulate maritime and transit service, Ensure that transport infrastructure are constructed, upgraded and maintained, Follow up the activities to the Ethio-Djibouti Railways in accordance with the garments concluded between the two countries, Enforce the powers and duties formerly given to Ministry of transport and communication on the matters relating to transport sector.