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Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (Somalia)

Ministry of women and human rights development clearly recognize written policies and procedures as important elements in an effective system of internal controls that complies with governmental regulatory requirements, international  standards, and guidelines. The norms and procedures are expected to help quick and effective implementation control. These policies have been developed with consideration for the Somali federal laws, rules and regulations of Human  resource management. They attempt to balance the needs of the ministry with the needs of individuals, but are also influenced by government legislation, policies that exist in other international organizations and in other parts of the local non profit organizations.. They should be consistently applied, widely communicated, and open to review. Policies in the Human Resources Policy Manual apply to all staff, both Ministry leadership , staff, General director and Department offices of Ministry of women and Human rights Development, regardless of the source of funding for their salaries. The Ministry and Admin Unit, together with the appropriate managers, is responsible for interpreting, implementing, monitoring, and ensuring compliance with these policies. Related operating procedures and policy exceptions are the responsibility of the Ministry leadership and Admin Unit. When government legislation changes or new legislation is adopted, and the resulting legislation provides benefits or conditions of employment that are broader or more generous than that provided for under existing policy, the Ministry leadership and Admin Unit will expeditiously draft and propose revised policy and in the interim will ensure that, in the applicable jurisdiction, operational practices are amended to be in compliance with the revised/new legislation. Policies are reviewed every three years. Any employee or employing unit/department is encouraged to provide input regarding existing policies or new policies for consideration. Policy questions should be directed either to your immediate supervisor or to the Ministry and Admin Unit. The manual is organized so that it can be easily followed and referenced during the course of human resource management.
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