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  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded1977

Miyagi Youth Hall

There are only a limited number of facilities for youth that allow youth to enter and exit freely, chat casually, think about life and society, and deepen friendship while promoting a wide range of youth activities, including youth homes and working youth homes. In order to achieve healthy growth by coping with changes in today's social conditions, youth themselves are actively engaged in activities for human development. A facility that becomes the base of the youth and the foundation of the youth's own heart is necessary. This youth hall is a youth organization in the prefecture, which has been completed with fruitful friendship and unity.It is the only facility for youth in the prefecture that represents the trust and hope of the youth in the prefecture. It is what   Needless to say, the basic goal of the hall management is to establish youth leadership as a base for training leaders in order to further promote youth activities in the prefecture, including youth groups. While preparing, it will be established as a facility suitable for the youth hall of Miyagi Prefecture, both as a place for youth training and as a place for Ikoi. At the same time, they will focus on the local community that develops youth activities, and they want to raise the campaign to contribute to the creation of a bright local community through group activities.   The purpose of the Miyagi Youth Hall building is to fulfill its duties while fulfilling various requirements as described above.
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