Mongolian Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP)

The regulatory agency of the Government of Mongolia was established by the Decree No. 222 of the Government of Mongolia under the Decree No. 222 of the Government of Mongolia under the name of the Unfair Competition Regulatory Authority and issued the 17th order of the Deputy Prime Minister and supervised the implementation of the Law on Prohibit Unfair Competition. The Resolution # 64 of the Government of Mongolia, as amended by the Resolution No. 64 of 2008 on Protection of Consumer Rights and Consumer Rights, is regulated by the Law on Competition, the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights, the Law on Advertising, the State and Local Property and the implementation of the procurement legislation. In line with the structure and organization of the First Deputy Prime Minister's Resolution # 74 in 2009, the organization was reorganized and approved by five public institutions: Public Administration and Management, Law and Supervision Department, Consumer Rights Department, Market Research and Research Office.   1993. The Law on Prohibition of Unfair Competition has been passed. 2000. Amendments to the Law on Prohibiting Unfair Competition. 2004. The Regulatory Agency for Unfair Competition was established. 2008. The Fair Competition and Consumer Agency expanded and the role of implementing the Law on Consumer Protection was increased. 2009. The Government has approved a national consumer protection program. On March 15, 2010, the Consumer Education Center was created. On June 10, 2010. Law on Competition was revised and approved.
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