• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersMongolia
  • Founded2003

Mongolian National Audit Office (MNAO)

An Auditor General of Mongolia shall be accountable for the National Audit Office complying with all laws of Mongolia and operating in accordance with generally accepted accounting, auditing and business practices and operating in honest, objective, fair, economic, efficient and effective manner. Mongolian National Audit Office has following Audit jurisdiction: - Performing audits of activities of state organizations, except the State Great Hural (Parliament), no matter what the source of their funding; - Performing audits of activities of organisations, business entities, and legal persons with state ownership or state ownership participation that are financed from budget and generated revenue for budget; - Performing audits of activities of organizations, business entities, projects and programs that are financed by international organisations or foreign countries upon their request; - Performing audits of utilization, disbursement and outcome of special purpose funds of the Government, financial support from budget, budget funds used on repayment term, loans, aid and donations from international organizations, Governments and people of foreign countries to the Government of Mongolia and budget organisations; - Performing audits of state budget investment and its outcome; - Audits of disbursement of budget funds allocated for the intelligence agency, armed forces and police department shall be conducted by the Auditor General of Mongolia and an auditor authorized by the State Great Hural (Parliament); - Performing audits of consolidated year-end financial statements of the Government; - Performing audits and assessments of utilization and disbursement of state and local property; - Performing audits and assessment on specific issues, if deemed necessary. Independent in legal status: The function of State audit of Mongolia is regulated by State Audit Law, approved in 2003. The organizations and officials except the State Great Hural (Parliament) and Chairman of the National Security Council shall be prohibited to exercise supervision over the National Audit Office and performance of the Auditor General of Mongolia and to give assignments. Independent in management: The State Great Hural (Parliament) appoints the Auditor General of Mongolia upon the proposal of the Speaker of State Great Hural as it is stated in the law. By this law, Auditor General is appointed in sex year term and may be re-appointed once. Independent in operations: According to the law, the state audit organisation has the right to select auditees, to plan, to perform, to report and follow up audits and to define timeline, scope and content of the audits. Independent in access to information: It is defined in the law that the state audit organization and it is employees have free, full and immediate access to any data that is deemed necessary to exercise their powers.
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