• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • Founded1989

More Partnership

About  Moer Partnership believes in the power of philanthropy to advance great ambitions – and in partnering with our clients as a force to make that happen. They have been putting that belief into action – for the benefit of educational, cultural, charitable and other organisations all over the world – since 1989. Today, More Partnership is a close-knit team of more than 20 partners, bound by a strong sense of purpose and shared values. They are a virtual firm, networked across Europe, America, Africa and beyond, with a head office in Scotland. In constant interaction with their clients and colleagues, we see all our working relationships as opportunities for growth. Their founder, Iain More, was one of Europe’s first fundraising consultants. Today they have become much, much more (pun intended). they now research, benchmark, teach and do, as well as advise and strategise. At the end of a project, their clients say we bring them confidence, momentum and a clear way forward. They are a democratic and participative company. Each member of our team has an equal say in the decisions they make, a share in their success, and a responsibility to push them forward. This matters to them deeply.
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