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Moscow International Finance Center (MIFC)

MIFC is an ongoing process, a community effort by the business, the government and the Russian society in general. MIFC supports the modernization effort, affecting different parts of the economy – from financial markets and overall regulation to science and healthcare. The global economic and financial crisis of 2008 sent a clear message: the Russian economy lacks diversification, and Russia is in dire need of a competitive financial sector and a professional financial market. MIFC aims to establish a high-tech, world-class competitive financial market in Russia, create more opportunities for individuals to take part in finance. The project is driven by the will of professional financial market players to improve the business climate, make the Russian financial market a viable part of the global market, boost its attractiveness for foreign investors and issuers, and create incentives for internal investors. Project performance. MIFC is a long-term multilevel project. Progress will be marked by indicators such as capitalization growth, improved liquidity, including a rise in cross-border trade volumes, the launch of new financial instruments. Moscow will also gain advanced positions in international financial center ratings. The cornerstone of the MIFC Project is Government support through multilevel policy coordination focused on MIFC objectives. The Government supports the MIFC Project by: establishing MIFC Taskforce as project implementation platform approval and performance supervision of MIFC Roadmap by the President and the Government liaison with legislature and executive bodies, financial market regulator assigning Ministry officials and members of other executive bodies to Project Groups
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