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Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo (Brazil)

São Bernardo do Campo is a city rich in history and highly representative on the national scene. Initially known as the “capital of furniture” due to the large number of furniture industries that helped to develop the city at the beginning of the 20th century, it was also, later on, the birthplace of the national automobile industry. Unionism and important labor movements were also born here, which brought great advances to the segment. São Bernardo was the headquarters of the first Brazilian cinematographic company, owner of gastronomic and environmental circuits recognized throughout the country. The importance of this city is not only due to the economic and cultural issue, but also due to its strategic location. Located southwest of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo is one of the members of the Greater ABC region. It is limited to São Vicente, Cubatão, Santo André, São Caetano do Sul, Diadema and São Paulo. It has a territory of 408.45 km², with 118.21 km² in urban areas, 214.42 km² in rural areas, in addition to having 75.82 km² belonging to the Billings dam. The environment is highly characterized in its territory, since 53.7% of its area is for the protection of water sources. Its vegetation has in the area close to Serra do Mar the original Atlantic Forest and, on the banks of the dam, low and thin capoeiras. The humid temperate climate means that São Bernardo has average temperatures between 15º and 24ºC and an annual average of rainfall (last 35 years) of 1,324 mm. São Bernardo do Campo is located in the São Paulo Sedimentary Basin, in the portion called Planalto Paulista, with smooth relief of hills and spikes of modest heights with a maximum of 986.50 m and a minimum of 60 m. Its hydrography is very rich, formed by the Basins of Rio Tamanduateí (composed by Ribeirão dos Meninos and dos Couros and its tributaries) and Rio Pinheiros (composed by the damming of Rio Grande and its tributaries).
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