• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff501-1000
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded1946

Musashi Co.

Company Name MUSASHI CO., LTD.  Established: December, 1946 Head Office Tokyo Branch: 8-20-36 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan Paid-in Capital: 1,208,500,000JPYen (As of March 31, 2019) Employees: 567(Group) 217(Musashi) (As of March 31, 2019) Banks The Mizuho Bank, Limited. The Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Limited. MUFG Bank, Limited. Branch:  Tokyo Sapporo Sendai Saitama Chiba Yokohama Nagoya Osaka Hiroshima Fukuoka and other 7 sales offices Musashi Group MUSASHI FIELD SUPPORT CO.,LTD. Musashi Engineering CO., LTD. MUSASHI ABC CO., LTD. MUSASHI IMAGE JOHO CO., LTD. MUSASHI I TECHNO CO., LTD. MBS CO., LTD. FBM CO., LTD. MUSASHI KOUSAN CO., LTD. MUSASHI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. MBS CO.,LTD. JIM CORPORATION Business Activities Information/Industrial Systems Equipment Media conversion services to digitalize documents and microfilms; data entry services;information processing services including producing microfilm images. Consultation and sales of scanners, electronic archive systems and other information products as FUJIFILM Corporation’s sole distributor in the Japanese market; Manufacture and sales of Thermal Enlarger Printer and Thermal Paper; Development and sales of image processing software; Consultation and sales of industrial non-destructive inspection systems by X-ray for buildings and manufactured products. Maintenance services for equipment. Printing Systems Equipment Consultation and sales of printing equipment, materials and software for digital pre-press systems and print-on-demand systems as FUJIFILM Corporation’s distributor in the Japanese market; Consultation and sales of Galvo Laser Systems; Development and sales of a compact print-on-demand system for fine-printed business cards and cards; Maintenance services for equipment Cash Handling Systems Equipment Cash handling machines that improve operational efficiency across various industries including finance, retail, courier, transport, and amusement; Security products including Administrative products for keys; Maintenance services for the above products. Export of cash handling machines including bill counters and bill binding machines to overseas markets. Election Systems Equipment Ballot paper dispensers, counters, reader sorters, self-opening ballot papers, administrative software, promotional items and other tools; Maintenance services for equipment Paper and Processed Paper Products Various types of paper and paperboards for printing, publishing, information, administration and other special applications; processed paper products. Leasing and Others Real-estate leasing Auto leasing Insurance brokerage
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Company Offices

  • Japan (headquarters)
  • Tokyo
  • 8-20-36 Ginza Chuo-ku