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  • Organization TypeAssociation
  • Founded1948
MNMA is an independent, non-governmental association founded in 1948; it is also one of the professional organizations, working for nursing and midwifery profession and the improvement of health services in the country. The Association is a member of the International Council of Nurse (ICN). There are 216 association branches throughout the country with a membership of 18026 Nurses, including the Licensed Nurses, Midwives and Lady Health Visitors. The MNMA provides various services such as conveying updated nursing education, emergency preparedness, sports and fitness and active involvement in social support networking inside and outside the organization. The MNMA also provides a maternity shelter for women those who cannot afford to delivery at a private clinic, the women have to pay very little to the MNMA for its services, there are 30 to 50 delivery mothers monthly at maternity shelter of MNMA. In collaboration with other NGOs, the MNMA implements Community Home-Based Care Project (CHBC through the guidance and support of the authorities, Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and State/Division, District and Township Nurse and Midwife Association. The MNMA operates the Community Home-Based Care (CHBC) since 2001 to help improving the continuum of prevention, treatment and care available to those who are in need.   Main Goal   To organize nurses in nursing to participate actively in health care and works in accordance with the policy relating to health laid down by the state To support and assist in order to raise the social, educational, nursing care standards and emergency requirements from time to time by the state. To improve the status in the career of the nurse, by obtaining the people’s recognition on the expertise of the nurses in nursing. To bring further involvement of nurses at grass-root levels in communities, in the establishment of health care. To work with International Non-Government Organizations and Local Non-Government Organization towards the care to those at home.   Main Activities   Conduct Continuing Nursing Education Workshops throughout the country for the professional nurse who works at the community and in Institutions. Operate Projects activities sponsored by different United Nation Agency Such as; Consortium for HIV/AIDS, Save the Children (Food Security) Nursing Conferences are held fourth yearly where branch associations convene at the conference and new central committee members and Executive committee members are elected. Conduct annual meeting where Central committee members are met and issues are discussed. A yearly get together of the retired nurses. Financial assistance (a certain amount for retired nurses when in need at home or hospital.) Produce yearly Journals, Magazines and Calendar. Provide health education and awareness raising to the public through pamphlet and health talk. Provide maternity shelter for service to antenatal and delivery mothers. Building capacity of nursing staff and community field workers to enable them to apply knowledge within community context. Incorporation with MSI provide Sexual and reproductive Health in (7 Townships)  

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