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  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersWest Bank
  • Founded1869
Nablus Municipality is a public institution with specific by-laws and systems enacted in order to render the best quality of municipal services to its local citizens. Nablus has had an important and national role due to its historical civilization from one hand, and its exquisite accomplishments on the other hand, credit is given to the loyalty and dedication of its staff. Vision A modern, developed, and civilized municipality at both the services and institutional level that aims to achieve a descent and prosperous life for its local citizens. Mission Comprehensive and distinctive services including infrastructure, health, environmental and cultural services through an investment in financial and human resources, while preserving the historic and cultural heritage of the city. Strategy This strategic plan of Nablus city has been prepared and developed based on in-depth discussions and meetings with a number of local civil society organizations in cooperation with Nablus Chamber of Commerce and An-Najah National University. The process in conducting the strategic plan has been initiated in January 2007 when Nablus Municipality called the local public and private institutions for an intensive workshop in order to share views and thoughts with the local community on Nablus development priorities. During the workshop, Nablus Municipality executive officials have presented to the audience the recent infrastructural projects and achievements that have been already implemented. A questionnaire that compiles a list of Nablus priorities and needs has been distributed among participants to ensure a wide range of community participation. The outcome of prioritization process has been subject to an intensive discussion about the importance of each eventually resulted in the ranking of these priorities according to their urgency.  The produced preliminary report focuses more on the results of this strategic plan rather than the process itself. It will represent as a starting point in launching and implementing the most significant development projects that address the needs of the local community. Further, it will conclude by itself the steps that must be taken for this community to achieve the vision that this community with the input of senior staff, deem critical for achieving its vision.  Nablus Municipality believes that using such methodology in developing its strategic plan would ensure keys of success in achieving Nablus community vision in compliance with that of the municipality.   Nablus Municipality Strategic Plan 2007-2009 The Strategic Plan of Nablus Municipality characterizes with elasticity, developed and being updated in accordance to the complex emergencies evolve in the city. The state of political instability of Nablus city evolved since the outbreak of the Palestinian defense against occupation in September 2000 and the Israeli continuous devastation of public and private properties of Nablus Municipality impedes to great extent planning and development process. However, Nablus Municipality considers the external factors as well as the state of domestic anarchy pre-dominating the city when developing its strategic plan. The new municipal elected council focuses on improving the quality of its municipal services in parallel with building capacities and competencies of its local staff, taking into consideration the main directions as stipulated in the strategic plan of Nablus city.  The Municipality strategic plan comprises of seven strategic approaches linked with direct and indirect strategic objectives. The entire departments and organizational units of the municipality are responsible to achieve the strategic goals and objectives which were clearly defined according to the municipality organizational structure developed recently. Responsibilities of the municipal officials are not limited to a pure service oriented delivery and direct vital services to the public, yet, the staff is also part of the decision making and planning process. The municipality is a national entity that contributes in achieving general objectives at the national and international levels. The following are a highlight on the main high priorities associated with general objectives for Nablus 

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