• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Advocacy NGO

National Charter Collaborative (NCC)

THE NATIONAL CHARTER COLLABORATIVE (NCC) SUPPORTS SINGLE-SITE CHARTER SCHOOL LEADERS OF COLOR WHO INVEST IN THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF STUDENTS THROUGH THE CULTURAL FABRIC OF THEIR COMMUNITIES. Charter school leaders of color are a critical, yet overlooked, collective representing an estimated one-fourth of charter schools impacting over 335,000 students across the U.S. Single-site leaders of color not only embody diversity, but they reflect the cultural fabric of the communities and students served.  Charter leaders of color are valuable and necessary contributors to building a healthy, diverse and dynamic charter sector. For the charter sector to provide equitable education options, schools led by leaders of color must thrive. Their mission is to create a flourishing ecosystem of high-performing single-site charters led by leaders of color by ensuring  the leaders have the resources and support needed to build quality schools. Their vision is single-site charter schools led by Black and Latino leaders will be high-performing schools that provide quality education opportunities for students.
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