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National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPE) (Tunisia)

The ANPE is called upon to perform technical, legal, administrative, training and research activities as well as assistance activities. The approval of environmental impact studies of any industrial, agricultural or commercial unit whose activity poses risks of pollution or environmental degradation (Article 5 of 88-91 as amended by the Act 2001-14 of January 30, 2001 simplifying the administrative procedures relating to authorizations issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning in the areas of its competence) The Control of the operation of the efficiency and the efficiency of the installations of treatment of the rejections or their destruction (article 10 of the law 88-91) Pollutant release monitoring Legal activities The recording of the infringements and the establishment of the minutes against the natural and legal persons in violation of the law in the field of environment, (article 12 of the law 88-91 as modified by the law 92- 115 of November 30, 1992) Referral to the judicial authority for the prosecution of any violator of the environmental law (Art 12 new of Law 92-115) The referral of the judicial authority to obtain compensation for violations of the collective interests it has the task of defending (Art 13 new of Law 92-115) Transaction with natural and legal persons in violation of the law in the field of environment after approval of the supervisory authority (Article 11 new of the law 92-115 modifying the law 88-91) The transaction with the maritime polluters (Art 12 new of the law 92-115) The conclusion of agreements with the organizations or companies concerned with a view to establishing programs for the elimination of polluting discharges, Article 6 of Law 88-91). Administrative activities Examination of investment approval dossiers in any project aiming to contribute to the fight against pollution and the protection of the environment The secretariat of the National Commission for Sustainable Development (CNDD) The secretariat of the National Commission for the Prevention and Fight against Marine Pollution Events The follow-up of the following conventions: -Convention of Basel -Convention of Montreal -Convention of Barcelona The tutelage of the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (RAC / SPA) which develops its activities within the framework of the MAP Mediterranean Action Plan. The management of the pollution abatement fund (FODEP) Training and research activities The follow-up in collaboration with the other departments of the evolution of the scientific, technical or economic research interesting the environment. Promoting all training, education, study and research activities in the fight against pollution and the protection of the environment Support Activities Assistance whenever requested for the disposal or reduction of residues and the effects of pollution The assistance of establishments that have established decontamination agreements with the ANPE in order to benefit from tax benefits and / or financial assistance. These legal missions were completed by the attachment of 3 project units: The Tunisian Observatory of Sustainable Development (OTEDD), UGP attached to the ANPE In accordance with decree 2007-446 of 6 March 2007 fixing the organization chart of the agency. It forms the basis of a permanent system of observation, collection, production, analysis, management and dissemination of information on the state of the environment and sustainable development. The " Natural Ecosystems Unit " which monitors the ecological parameters of the Ichkeul Park and other wetlands; The national program of the aesthetics of the environment and the cleanliness of the environment. The skills of the ANPE were complemented by skills from national sectoral texts such as the law n ° 2007-34 of June 4th, 2007 on the quality of the air (the agency is in charge of the control of the quality of the air and the establishment of a monitoring network and the preparation of air quality conservation plans in large cities) or Law No. 96-29 of 9 April 1996 establishing the plan. national emergency to fight against the events of marine pollution which the ANPE provides the secretariat, or international such as the Montreal Protocol of 1989 relating to the ozone layer, where the ANPE is the national focal point of this protocol.
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