National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ)


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The National Association of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ) is one of the largest non-governmental civil society organizations in Hungary, which deals with the representation and protection of the interests of disabled people. MEOSZ is the most significant domestic interest representation organization for people with disabilities. The Alliance is also one of the oldest and - with active membership of one hundred and sixty thousand - the largest non-governmental organization in Hungary. It was founded in 1981 and its members are local associations of disabled people , and their number is close to ninety. There is an association in each county, there are counties where there are more. Anyone with a disability may be a member of our associations, but parents with disabilities with children with disabilitiesalso welcome to our community. As patrons, relatives, sympathizers, supporters of our affair can join our movement. Associations have established more than 900 local groups covering direct contact with membership, covering the entire territory of the country, so they are present in most settlements. The vast majority of MEOSZ and its member associations are public benefit organizations. Our aim is to protect the interests of people with reduced mobility and their families through the exploration, formulation, representation and validation of specific interests arising from the disability. They believe that disadvantaged people with disabilities are not subject to charity but as members of other societies, rights and obligations, so our advocacy activity is determined by the enforcement and protection of the universal human rights of people with reduced mobility. Our goal is to identify and break down barriers in the environment to ensure full participation and inclusion of stakeholders. They are actively and initially involved in shaping the policy of disability, and they want to reach out to people with disabilities in all aspects of social life. The Alliance's resolute action was also needed to bring the Law on the Rights and Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities in 1998, a milestone in the Hungarian Disability Matters. As a result, disability support and institutional support services for disabled people's self-help have been introduced, which were also previously hosted by MEOSZ in Hungary. Thanks to the activities of our association, MEOSZ has developed the first recommendations on housing accessibility accessibility for people with severe disabilities, vehicle purchase and restructuring aid or parking permits aimed at reducing traffic disadvantages, but also the first recommendations on building accessibility standards. MEOSZ is a member of the National Disability Council and the Association of Disabled People Organizations, whose founder is a founding member. They are members of the most significant international organizations of people with disabilities such as the European Disability Forum (EDF), the Disabled People's Federation (DPI) and the European Association of Disabled Persons (FIMITIC), which are also led by MEOSZ's senior officials.

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