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National League of Cities Institute (NLC)

The National League of Cities is a resource and advocate for the nation's cities and their leaders. Guiding Principles: NLC is Inclusive. NLC is a nonpartisan organization and embraces diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences. NLC is Focused. NLC focuses on what matters most to their member cities, towns and villages and municipalities nationwide.  NLC is Valuable. As a resource and advocate for their members, and a key partner to the state municipal leagues. NLC is Influential. Recognized as powerful and reliable partners and respected by federal policymakers.  NLC is Visible. Strong impact on our members, in Washington, D.C., and in the news.  NLC is Relationship Driven. Dedicated to building personal connections between local leaders and between local governments and NLC staff.   NLC is Forward Leaning. With compelling engagement opportunities and cutting-edge technology, they are innovative at every turn.  NLC is Financially Solid. With a diversified revenue model that reflects the nation's modern economy. 
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