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National Planning Commission (Malawi)

National Development Plans provide a development framework and serve as a single reference point for all stakeholders to direct their development efforts. In the recent past, Malawi has largely relied on the Department of Economic Planning and Development (EP&D) within the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (MoFEPD) to carry out the mandate of developing national development plans and strategies, as well as coordinating their implementation. However, the need to have a dedicated body that would take a long-term planning view and guide the formulation and implementation of national development plans beyond one political regime, was prioritised in the Malawi Public Service Reforms Agenda. Resultantly, the National Planning Commission (NPC) was established through an Act of Parliament in September 2017. The NPC is hence an independent public body with the main mandate of developing evidence-based medium and long-term development plans for Malawi taking into account the country’s resource potential and comparative advantages. Linked to the foregoing, the Commission is also mandated to coordinate the implementation of the development plans, including spearheading the formulation of innovative and progressive flagship projects that can accelerate the country’s socio-economic transformation. The establishment of the National Planning Commission is an opportunity in fostering a collective consensus on national development priorities. This is because the Commission will be coordinating the formulation of evidence-based long and medium-term national vision and strategies that will transcend political regimes and therefore safeguard the continuity of national development programmes. The functions of the Commission are as follows- To coordinate the development of long and medium term national development plans for Identify Malawi’s socio-economic development priorities and formulate the national vision and strategy for social and economic goals taking into account the country’s resource potential and comparative advantage; Oversee the implementation of long-term national vision and strategies and the medium-term development plans; Formulate innovative and progressive flagship projects and programmes for implementation in line with the national vision and strategies; Identify and commission research on any matter the Commission deems relevant to the attainment of the objects of this Act; Engage relevant individuals and institutions in all sectors of the economy in the conduct of its functions under this Act; Apprise the President and the National Assembly annually on the progress made with regard to the implementation of plans, programmes and projects; Perform any other functions in relation to National planning as it may deem appropriate for achieving the purposes of this Act.
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