National Procurement Commission (Papua New Guinea)

The National Procurement Commission commences operation on the 1 April 2019 with the functions to: 1.   Undertake timely, fair competitive transparent, non-discriminatory and value for money procurements for and on behalf of the State including public and statutory bodies         2.   Build procurement capacity in Papua New Guinea                     3.   Maintain a register of providers of goods, works or services                  4.   Advise the private sector on all public procurement policies, principles and practices 5.   Monitor and report on the performance or the procurement system and contract management of public and statutory bodies and advise on desirable changes             6.   Advise competent authorities on standards for procurement education and training, competence levels and certification requirements                          7.   Prepare, update and issue standardised bidding documents, guidelines, common specifications standards, procedural forms and any other attendance documents;       8.   Organise and maintain a system for the publication of data on procurement opportunities, awards and any other information of public interest                         9.   Conduct periodic inspections of records and proceedings of certified public and statutory bodies to ensure full and correct application of this Act                             10.   Establish and maintain institutional linkages with entities with professional and relation interest in procurement 11.   Undertake procurement research and surveys 12.   Undertake any activity which may be necessary for the execution of its functions 13.   Assist the APC Committee to administer and enforce compliance with all the provisions of this Act, regulations and guidelines issued under this Act The National Procurement Commission will come into full effect from FY2020.  During the transition period, the former staff of the Central Supply and Tenders Board will undertake the primary functions of the National Procurement Commission as appointed by the APC Committee.
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