• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersNepal
  • Founded2015

National Reconstruction Authority (Nepal) (NRA)

The NRA is the legally mandated agency for leading and managing the earthquake recovery and reconstruction in Nepal. NRA provides strategic guidance to identify and address to the priorities for recovery and reconstruction, taking into account both urgent needs as well as those of a medium- to long-term nature. The NRA was formed on 25 December 2015, when the government appointed the Chief Executive Officer. Overall Objectives The NRA’s overall goal is to promptly complete the reconstruction works of the structures damaged by the devastating earthquake of 25 April 2015 and subsequent aftershocks, in a sustainable, resilient and planned manner to promote national interest and provide social justice by making resettlement and translocation of the persons and families displaced by the earthquake. (Adapted from the NRA Act) The objectives of the NRA as articulated in the National Reconstruction Policy are: To reconstruct, retrofit and restore partially- and completely-damaged residential, community and government buildings and heritage sites, to make them disaster-resistant using local technologies as needed; To reconstruct (restore) damaged cities and ancient villages to their original form, while improving the resilience of the structures; To build resilience among people and communities at risk in the earthquake-affected districts; To develop new opportunities by revitalizing the productive sector for economic opportunities and livelihoods; To study and research the science of earthquakes, their impact including damages and effects, and post-earthquake recovery, including reconstruction, resettlement, rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction; and To resettle the affected communities by identifying appropriate sites. Functions, duties and authority The NRA a coordinating and facilitating body formed by the Government of Nepal to manage, oversee and coordinate the reconstruction work. By law, its functions include assessing the damages caused by the earthquake and its aftershocks, fixing the priorities of reconstruction, preparing policies, plans and programs, and facilitating implementation. It can carry out reconstruction, or ensure that is it done through different agencies, obtain land for reconstruction, and prepare plans for developing integrated settlements for ensuring that reconstruction is carried out in the prescribed manner, in accordance with established safety standards. The NRA is also responsible for coordinating the work of, and collaborating with, non-governmental organizations, private sector or communities as they relate to reconstruction. It is also empowered to raise financial resources for reconstruction and to make arrangements for effective use. The Authority is responsible of carrying out technical reviews of damaged or unsafe physical structures and order safe demolition, where required. For all practical purposes, it is the one-stop institution to oversee, coordinate, and facilitate Nepal’s effort to build back better – that underpins the reconstruction policy.
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