• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded1980

National Research council of Italy - Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research (CNR-IIA)

Istituto sull'Inquinamento Atmosferico-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Mission To undertake research aimed at improving our understanding of key processes related to air pollution from local to global scale. Specifically, the focus is on: Air pollution in urban and industrial areas; Industrial emissions; Analytical technology and methods for environmental & air quality (AQ) evaluation; Atmospheric pollutant cycles; Advanced monitoring networks for AQ to support EU and international policy; Systems and technologies for geospatial data sharing and Big Data interoperability. The CNR-IIA was founded in 1968 by Arnaldo Liberti a Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Sapienza University in Rome. The IIA focussed from the beginning on the development of methods and innovative technologies to measure the concentrations of organic and inorganic trace species in the atmosphere. The then Ministry of the Environment began consulting the expertise of the IIA on environmental problems related to atmospheric pollution in 1976 during the case of dioxin pollution in Seveso. Since then the Institute has been continued to pursue research into industrial emission monitoring and characterisation. Since 1980 the Institute’s headquarters have been at the CNR’s ‘Area della Ricerca Roma 1’ and the improved facilities gave a great boost to the Institute’s research nationally and internationally, in the evaluation of atmospheric composition, air pollution and air quality determination. Today, the researchers and technologists from the Institute are involved in research and technical development in numerous sectors related to Air Quality studies. These include industrial emissions, air quality in urban and industrial areas, indoor air quality, pollutant cycles in Polar Regions, and observation systems (land based, airborne and satellite) the Institute is involved national, European and international programs and initiatives. It also provides technical and scientific support to government bodies, including the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Defence, regional and provincial Councils, as well as to private companies, in numerous fields related to environmental issues.
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Company Offices

  • Italy (headquarters)
  • Monterotondo
  • Area della Ricerca Roma-1 via Salaria km. 29,300 Monterotondo (RM)