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National Securities and Stock Market Commission (Ukraine)

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission is a state collegial body, subordinate to the President of Ukraine and accountable to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The NCSSMC is composed of the Chairman of the Commission and six members of the Commission who are appointed and dismissed in accordance with the decrees of the President of Ukraine. The system of the body includes: NCSSM, its central office and territorial bodies. The main form of work of the Commission is meetings, which are held by decision of the Chairman of the Commission, if necessary, but at least once a month. NCSMC develops and approves normative acts and legislative acts, which are obligatory for implementation by central and local executive authorities, local self-government bodies, securities market participants, their associations and supervises their implementation on issues within its competence. The authorized persons of the NCSSMC are: • Chairman and members of the Commission; • employees of the central office - on the written instructions of the Chairman or members of the Commission; • the heads of the relevant territorial bodies of the Commission; • Employees of the relevant territorial bodies of the Commission - on the written instruction of the head of the respective territorial body of the Commission. The purpose of the SSMSC's activity is to create, through its regulatory and supervisory functions, the conditions for the proper and efficient functioning of the securities market, to provide the monetary capital with the needs of the country's economy by creating a mechanism for accumulating, distributing and redistributing funds from a person who has free investment resources to a person, which needs such resources for development, creation of conditions for becoming powerful internal investors and ensuring protection of investors' rights. In its activity, the Commission is guided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, the resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada, decrees and decrees of the President of Ukraine, acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, international treaties of Ukraine. The mission of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission is to ensure the implementation of a unified state policy on securities and the functioning of the stock market in Ukraine, as well as the implementation of legal regulation of relations arising in the market, protection of interests of citizens of Ukraine and the state, prevention of abuse and crime, coordination activities of ministries and other central bodies of state executive power in this area.
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