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National Urban Sanitation Program (Programa Nacional de Saneamiento Urbano) (PNSU)

Mission The PNSU's mission is to expand coverage, improve quality and promote the sustainable use of sanitation services in urban areas, in order to improve the quality of life, by influencing the improvement of health and nutrition of urban population. The PNSU is oriented to the execution of Programs, Investment Projects and Activities that are aimed at the implementation of the policy of closing gaps in sanitation services in urban areas, which leads to greater decentralized spending and investment through Regional Governments, Local Governments and Service Providers that the Government develops. Program Alignment The alignment of the interventions of the PNSU occurs within the framework of the current medium-term plans (PESEM 2016-2021) and PEI 2016-2018), through the purpose “Increase the access of the urban population to water and sanitation services sustainable and quality ”; and additionally, with the 2017-2021 National Sanitation Plan at a qualitative and quantitative level. With the National Sanitation Plan 2017-2021 the reference framework for alignment is through strategic axes: Strategic Axes of the National Sanitation Plan Consequently, the national sector policy is strategically structured, based on 6 Policy Axes, consistent with the specific purposes indicated: Policy Axis 1: Population access to sanitation services. Policy Axis 2: Financial sustainability Policy Axis 3: Strengthening providers. Policy Axis 4: Optimization of technical solutions. Policy axis 5: Articulation of the actors. Policy Axis 6: Valuation of sanitation services. The actions of the PNSU have been adapted within the framework of the new government sector orientations in order to enable the closing of gaps through the stated objective. Scope of intervention and target population The scope of intervention of the PNSU is constituted by urban areas nationwide greater than 2,000 inhabitants.
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