Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN)


NEN supports the standardization process in The Netherlands. If a party asks NEN to effect an agreement, they go to work. NEN manages over 31.000 standards. Those are the international (ISO, IEC), European (EN) and national (NEN) standards accepted in The Netherlands. In total over 800 standards committees are active, with in total over 5.000 standard committee members. Properly managing the extensive standards collection and coordinating the national, European and international standards committees, requires a high-quality infrastructure. NEN’s business activities – offering international, European and national standardization, investigating, maintaining the infrastructure required for drawing up the standards, providing documents, training and consulting about standards – is paid for in different ways. NEN is a professional non-profit business organization. The profit margin is therefore minimal. Parties interested in the standardization procedure bear part of the costs of the standard development process. This income, together with the proceeds from the sale of standards and the transfer of knowledge in training programs, ensures that NEN can carry out all its duties. Standardization is impossible without this income.

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