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  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersIndia
  • Founded1975
They are a pharmaceutical company and their sole concern is human life. 'Ethical' describes both the drugs they make and the values they have upheld for many generations. Family owned company, founded in 1917, morphed into Nestor in 1975, and has evolved into a specialist in its own right. Nestor's mission has made it unique: Low cost, high quality drugs for the many, instead of high-priced drugs for the few. Every capsule, injection, tablet, ointment, syrup and powder that carries the Nestor symbol ensures integrity, purity and safety, endorsed by 50,000 doctors and 200,000 pharmacies each month. Six Nestor factories serve India, Nigeria and the UK. Their next expansion phase will see them in the strategic markets of S.E. Asia, North Africa and Central Asia. They own Steriheal, the expanding 'hygiene for health' brand. 1000 professionals drive them commitment to quality. Because for them, life comes first. Philosophy Not-for-profit organizations are among the most demanding clients in the medical universe. They demand drugs manufactured to the highest quality standards, delivered in the remotest village clusters in the tightest possible time frame - at the lowest cost. These challenges have made them stronger. They do it all. They are programmed to keep costs down to the minimum and uphold quality standards. Their innovative processes have raised their productivity beyond industry levels. Their facilities are ISO 9001- 14001 certified, and comply with GMP standards as per WHO guidelines. They are committed to program success. Their cost-efficient logistics chain is a potent competitive weapon. The value they derive is passed on to their customers. They fly that extra mile. They have air dropped consignments. In these instances, the cost of freight was much higher than the cost of manufacture. Their clients drive price; they drive quality. This business formula has helped millions of Indians regain their health and lead normal lives. For over 20 years, they partnered the Central and State Govts. of India in a series of nationwide public-health initiatives. During this phase, Nestor reached more women and children in India than any other pharmaceutical company - many of them in places where medical aid is as rare as a pharmacy.

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