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  • Organization TypeInvestment & Finance
  • HeadquartersIsrael
  • Founded2002
NGT3 (Next Generation Technology) is an early-stage investment entity structured as a venture capital fund, focused on medical device and life science technologies  and holder of a government franchise to operate a technology incubator for a period of 8 years. NGT3 enjoys a high leverage (85%) through non-dilutive grant from Israel’s Chief Scientist Office at the Ministry of Economy (OCS). NGTᶾ has extensive practical experience throughout the spectrum of product life cycle development. From identifying high‐potential technologies, overseeing goal‐directed research and development efforts, to encouraging successive iterations in order to produce innovative products that will be highly valued in the marketplace. NGT3’s know‐how is present every step of the way, providing a steady experienced hand,  guiding the product’s concept development as it moves and evolves from the early stages of feasibility, preclinical and clinical studies, through to the goal of bringing an innovative, new product to the markets that need it; The management team and partners of NGT3, individually and collectively, have extensive track records with proven performance in the arena of creating and growing financially‐healthy companies with successful product lines. NGT3 invests in early-stage medical device/life science start-up companies with a well-defined unmet market need, large potential market, novel technologies with strong IP coverage and strong capable management. Strategically located in Nazareth, NGT3 benefits from the untapped potential of scientists and researchers in the Arab sector while being fully integrated into Israel’s world-renowned technological creativity and entrepreneurial eco-system. Their Story   NGT3 is the next generation of NGT, which operated as technological incubator since 2002. NGT3 is a unique venture capital fund and partnership, with European, American and Israeli partners, who share the vision of investment in early-stage technology-based start-up companies with social agenda. NGT3 brings new opportunities while remaining rooted in Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel’s Galilee. They start and fund early-stage companies, primarily in innovative medical devices and life sciences, and encourage Arab and Jewish entrepreneurship. NGT3 companies operate within the framework of an Israeli government-licensed technological incubator. At NGT3, they focus on their “triple” bottom line by: - Developing and creating value to cutting-edge medical technologies and start-up companies - Providing high financial return for our partners and investors - Fostering a social agenda of inclusion and multicultural collaboration

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