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Nievelt Ingenieur GmbH (Nievelt Labor GmbH)

Their companies have over 40 years experience providing construction services at the national and international level. Road, bridge, tunnel and airport. From conception to completion. First and foremost, they focus on the testing, inspection, measurement, analysis, evaluation and assessment of building materials. Thanks to their many years of experience at the national and international level, they are your go-to partner for small and large-scale construction and civil engineering projects in road, concrete, bridge, tunnel and airport construction. But they can do so much more than that. From developing project concepts, providing condition surveys, working out proposals for refurbishment, planning, drafting of tender documents, vetting of tenders, taking over project management, coordinating and supervising the construction process to taking over inspection and acceptance, auditing and final acceptance. Their highly skilled team will be happy to assist you.
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Company Offices

  • Austria
  • Stockerau
  • (East) Wiener Strasse
  • 35 2000