• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff1001-5000
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded1928

Nippon Signal Co. Ltd

Nippon Signal is engaged in railway, road and other transportation infrastructure works. This section introduces their products focusing on two areas: train stations in the railway business and downtown areas. Nippon Signal’s technologies support safe and comfortable transit in railways. in road infrastructure, their technologies provide appropriate traffic control and easy-to-use parking systems, contributing to a reduction in traffic accidents and traffic congestion. ATP (Automatic Train Protection System) To prevent train accidents caused by ignoring traffic signals and speeding, the aTp (automatic Train protection) system automatically applies the brakes when trains pass a given point moving faster than a set speed. aTp is one of the “new signal systems” that Nippon Signal is advancing nationwide. it has supported our long-term business performance. Platform Gates Heartbreaking accidents resulting in injury or death occur at train stations nationwide from accidental falls from platforms and collisions. The installation of platform door equipment will increase to secure the safety of train station users, ensure safe and stable train operations and prevent such incidents.  AFC AFC is an abbreviation for automatic Fare Collection systems, which is an overall term for ticket vending machines, collection machines, fair adjustment machines and other equipment related to automated fare collection. The spread of IC cards is making the use of AFC systems even smoother. Image-Type Pedestrial Sensor These sensors detect pedestrians in crosswalks, extend green lights so even elderly people who walk slowly can cross without concern, and prevent crossing against red and flashing lights with verbal warnings. There are plans to install these sensors – which prevent pedestrian traffic accidents using high-sensitivity detection equipment – at many intersections from now on.  Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking Lot Management System Bicycle use has recently been rising from an ecological perspective. While the number of abandoned bicycles at train stations and shopping streets has been reduced by shortening the period before they are removed, increased removal costs are still a serious problem. To address this, Nippon Signal is providing bicycle and motorcycle parking lot management systems that contribute to improved convenience and administrative efficiency, powerfully supporting the bicycle and motorcycle parking lot business. PARK-Loc® Systems Ever since we introduced the Park-Loc® system in 1970, Nippon Signal has continuously pursued optimal parking lot management equipment as a pioneer in this field. The Park-Loc® system enables unattended parking lot operations from a single parking space. The system is composed of one fee collection machine and multiple lock devices. Nippon Signal is now providing “Eco-Parking” as a more environmentally friendly parking lot system.
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Company Offices

  • Japan (headquarters)
  • Tokyo
  • 1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
  • Japan
  • Utsunomiya
  • 11-2, Hiraide Kogyo Danchi
  • Japan
  • 1836-1, Ooya, Aza, Ezura, Kuki
  • Japan
  • Osaka
  • 3-6-3, awaji-machi, Chuo-ku