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  • Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersRussian Federation
  • Founded2007
Nord Hydro JSC is a management hydro-generating company, established in 2007 in order to implement a project to develop and restore small hydro-generation facilities in the Russian Federation. In the period 2009-2020. JSC Nord Hydro implements, in accordance with the approved plan and investment projects, measures for the survey, design, reconstruction and construction of more than 100 hydraulic structures with a total capacity of about 250 MW. The company currently owns 37 SHPP facilities planned for reconstruction, including 5 existing facilities with an installed capacity of 9.4 MW. In 2009, an operating unit was established in the company’s structure to service and maintain the current state of purchased and rented hydro generation facilities, as well as a customer service, To date, the company has all the necessary approvals and licenses for engineering surveys, design and construction works. The company employs more than 70 specialists and engineers. Today, the company is able to independently implement up to 3 projects for the construction of small hydropower plants per year. We have planned for new construction and reconstruction for the period up to 2025 small hydro generation facilities in 21 regions of Russia. Agreements on cooperation in the field of electric power have been concluded with 13 regions of the country in order to support the construction of new electricity generation facilities operating on renewable energy sources in their territories. In September 2011, we successfully launched the Lyaskelya Hydroelectric Power Station, the first facility in Russia recognized as a qualified generating source of electricity using a renewable energy source. In addition, Nord Hydro JSC is the first company in the Russian Federation to implement the opportunities laid down by applicable law for setting green electricity tariffs.  The company finances its activities from its own and borrowed funds. In mid-2011, JSC Nord Hydro signed an investment agreement with the state corporation Vnesheconombank. The total amount of financing for the 1st stage of the Nord Hydro JSC Program is 50 million euros. The implementation of the Small Hydropower Restoration Project meets the goals set forth in the Energy Development Strategy of Russia, in terms of decentralized supply of energy-deficient regions, improving the reliability of electricity supply, developing and increasing the share of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources in the energy balance.

Company Offices

  • Russian Federation (headquarters)
  • Saint Petersburg
  • ul. Uralskaya, d.19, building 10