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North China Institute of Aerospace Industry (formerly North China Institute of Aerospace Industry) by the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and Hebei Provincial People's Government to build an ordinary institutions of higher learning, is the national " 13th Five-Year Plan "for the integration of production, teaching and training. It is a postgraduate education and training unit for national (aerospace) special needs talents master's degree programs and a master's degree project awarding unit. The school is located in Langfang City, Hebei Province, was founded in 1978, has under the eighth Machinery Industry Administration, the Seventh Machinery Industry, Aerospace Industry, Aerospace Industry, Aerospace Industry Corporation. In 1999, he transferred to Hebei Province and implemented the management system of "co-construction between the central government and local governments and local management." "Two bombs and one satellite" meritorious service, famous carrier rocket and satellite technology expert, National Supreme Science and Technology Award winner Sun Jiandong Academician honorary president of the school.

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