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Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff251-500
  • Founded1980
NAC was established in Norway in 1980 in response to the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Local committees in Norway immediately rallied public opinion against the invasion, promoted solidarity with the Afghan people and conducted fundraising campaigns to assist the growing number of Afghans caught in the middle of the conflict. In 1983 NAC opened its first office in Peshawar, Pakistan, followed by a field office in Ghazni province in 1986 and in Keshem, Badakhshan province in 1991. In 1997 a liaison office was opened in Kabul which later, in 2002, became NAC’s Country Office. The history of NAC shows that the solidarity and commitment of NAC towards the Afghan people, lasting for over 30 years, is not dependent on specific political causes or limited to specific aid areas. They have evolved from a solidarity organization into a professional relief and development NGO where solidarity with the Afghan people still lies in the heart of all their work plans and strategies. They work closely with beneficiary communities in order to develop the best strategies and programs and to ensure effective implementation.   Mission and Purpose   NAC is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and member-based organization. Their mission is to assist the Afghan people to rebuild and develop the country. The cornerstone of their organization is the fundamental belief in the principle of freedom, independence and a better life for the Afghan people. The purpose of their organization is to support the longterm interests of Afghanistan and they aim to contribute to strengthening the basis for development and self-sufficiency through knowledge, strengthening of democracy and human rights, sustainable management of resources, and improved health for all citizens.   Strategy and Activities   NAC operates with a Head Office in Oslo, a Country Office located in Kabul and Regional Offices in Ghazni Province and Badakhshan Province. They have more than 200 employees, who are mainly Afghan and staff who are directly responsible for managing projects. Their staff share a wealth of experience, commitment, skills and knowledge and are encouraged to learn and grow professionally. They also benefit from the work of their dedicated and specialized volunteers who provide added value to the organization. They develop their projects and activities based on a consultative process between their offices and communities. They therefore can make sure that their activities are based on community priorities and support those who are most in need by working in rural areas and with vulnerable groups. They prioritize work within the fields of education, environment and health in rural areas and work hard to reach the most vulnerable groups, especially women and children.

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