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  • Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • HeadquartersUzbekistan
  • Founded1945
The history of development of "Obi Hayot"Association has begun since 1945. Now the company is capable to solve difficult national economical and social problems of all cycle of provision  with potable water: beginning from scientific research, experienced design and planning works , till construction and operation of supply systems drinking water supply for population of the  Republic of  Uzbekistan. In mountainous and deserteds areas (the most part of territory - more than 90 %) of the country the company carries following kinds of construcction and erection works: construction of a whole complex of various chinks and wells; piping of springs, structures of  head water constructions, construction of water lines from various materials and different diameters; construction of  barrier pastures and the areas irrigated with artesian water and other works. The company has a great practice of work in a countryside, and as well as highly professional experts, the machine, mechanisms and the equipment which function in firms and the enterprises of the company in all regions of the Republic Uzbekistan.

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Company Offices
  • Uzbekistan (headquarters)
  • Tashkent
  • Amira Timura 102/10 street