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Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE) (Uruguay)

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay has approximately three million inhabitants and the work OSE has performed allowed reaching 98% coverage of drinking water supply to the Uruguayan population. OSE serves the Uruguayan population during the whole year, 24 hours a day, through 975.552 connections to an excellent quality drinking water distribution net. Uruguay is the only country in the Americas that does not have any diseases transmitted by water and has stayed free from cholera epidemics. This success is mostly a consequence of UPA units operation. At facilities where UPA units have been used, treated water volume has increased 53%. This model of water-treatment plant, which is compact and transportable, has been developed by the technicians of the State Sanitary Works Administration (O.S.E.) and the Uruguayan Army. Nowadays, there are 112 plants operating in Uruguay and over a hundred plants operating in Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. To date, OSE has commercialized 133 units. Moreover, 10 units are being operated in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and Uruguay has donated 17 units to countries which have faced emergency situations caused by natural disasters.
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