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Office of the Attorney General (OAG - Nepal)

In the year 157 of Nepal's Constitution, a great advocate in Nepal and the appointment of the person is the provision of the President in the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Regarding the final decision of any court or judicial officer except for the written constitution in the constitution, and to decide whether to issue or not issue the issue from the Government of Nepal and regarding the cases taken by the Government of Nepal, to register the prosecution or refund before the concerned court or the judicial officer, the defense of the party and the government or government Provide legal opinion to the officer Issue and other functions, duties and powers of the Attorney General is vested. According to a constitutional system which can be handed over to the underlying authority in the Attorney General, the office of the Attorney General of the Delegated Authority of Great Affairs, a high government attorney office, The special government attorney office and district government lawyers have been using government lawyers. For this, a special government attorney office has been established in the District Government Law Officer, District level High Court, and in the Kathmandu district. Under the leadership of four NAB superintendents in the office of the Attorney General, there are 4 departments as follows: Department of Office and Manpower Management Under this department, Human Resource General, International Relations Superintendent, Assessment Training Center, District Administration Branch, Internal Administration Branch, Economic Administration Branch, Registration Agree, Zinc and Library Branch are there. This department has the responsibility to do the management of the office of the Attorney General and the management of manpower offices, to provide necessary training to the manpower of the office, to see internal administration. Department of Planning and Monitoring Under this department, the Planning Research and Monitoring Division, Information Technology, Research Branch, Annual Report and Publication Branch, Strategic Planning Implementation and Monitoring Branch, Physical Administration Branch and Government Lawyers and Dialogue Branches are in the community. This department edits the functions of the Office of the Attorney General and the construction of physical infrastructure, monitoring the work of the office under the supervision, implementation of the strategic plan, and publishing annual reports by submitting all the activities of the office. Human rights protection , legal opinion and good governance department Under this department there are human rights conservation, good governance and judicial principles monitoring supplement, legal opinion supermarket, legal opinion record branch, judicial theory monitoring agency, victim and witness protection branch and custody monitoring branch. This department has the responsibility to do the work of monitoring the custody and custody of human rights, providing necessary guidance, and providing training to the law as demanded by various offices, giving necessary training to the victim and to preserve protection. Issue management department The prosecution monitoring and evaluation supremacy, issue management superintendent, appellate branch, issue branch, retailing branch, and records and collection branches are under the Department of issue management. This department will monitor and evaluate the prosecution of the government lawyer, manage cases, appeal to the Supreme Court, repeat the issue and 17 no. Including the registration of applications. The Additional Attorney General of the above mentioned supermarkets has also been involved in the Criminal Sciences Research Center. This does study and research in the law and justice sector. High Government Law Office There is a system of setting up of high courts in Article 5 of the Justice Administration, 2073. Working with the High Court and high court lawyers in High Courts, the government has been working to establish work according to the representation of the Government of Nepal and to be done according to the provisions of the Government of Nepal. Currently, the number of High Government Lawyers Officers is 18 and the leadership of those offices is being done by the respective first class bearer of the Nepal Justice Service Government Lawyers' Group. In the said offices, the work is done as a public prosecutor, including the founder and authorized officer. Also, there are other employees of other level of staff.
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