• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Foundation, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1991

Open Society Foundation, Serbia

About the Foundation The Open Society Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization that develops and supports projects and activities aimed at developing a democratic culture, openness, respect for diversity, full respect for human rights of all and to promote the rule of law, good governance and accountability and citizen participation in public to create preconditions for the sustainable development of a democratic and open society in Serbia. The Open Society Foundation, Serbia was founded on June 17, 1991. She worked under the name Soros Foundation Yugoslavia until February 1996, when in order to support the development of a democratic society in Serbia, the Supreme Court of Serbia banned her work. It was re-registered the same year under the name Open Society Fund, Yugoslavia. In 2012, she changed her name to Open Society Foundation, Serbia . The founder of the Foundation is American philanthropist George Soros. The Foundation is part of a network of Open Society Foundation (Open Society Foundations) with the headquarters in New York, one of the largest philanthropic organization in the world. The Foundation works in the public interest to build a democratic and inclusive society and a responsible state that enables citizen participation in decision-making. Supports the activities of civil society organizations and institutions (citizens' associations and professional associations, universities, policy institutes, cultural institutions, on- and off-line media), state and local authorities, independent state bodies and other public institutions, and implements its own projects contributions: -developing democratic culture and practice, citizen participation in public affairs, strengthening accountability and promoting good governance at national and local levels; -advancing institutional arrangements and practices to achieve the rule of law, respect for human rights, the rights of national minorities and the elimination of discrimination; -strengthening social cohesion and social affirmation of marginalized and vulnerable groups; -strengthening co-operation between societies and Western Balkan countries in areas of importance for accelerating the stabilization process, creating the conditions for harmonious development and reconciliation, establishing co-operation with international and regional actors in order to seek responses to global challenges.
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