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Organic Farm & Garden Supplies (OFGS)



  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersSouth Africa
  • Founded1993
OFGS was founded in 1993 and registered in 1994 as a (Pty) Ltd. Its aim was to provide the South African farming community with products, knowledge and guidance for organic farming. These products were MycoSin, Oikomb, Quassetum and Madex, all EEC registered. When they discovered penac in 1995 the full potential of this so easy to use, relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated product was difficult to comprehend. Many tests and trials followed and during these they realized that here in the South African climate the products were in many instances more potent as in Germany, from where penac comes. They had found a “jewel“ – a product range which finally allows the farmer to drastically reduce, often even totally eliminate, pesticides and antibiotics and from year to year reduce the demand for fertilizer as the soil builds up humus and own fertility. This product range is the future as well as their fertilizers (see also their new N range. Also look under Others where you will find additional helpful products – these can vary from time to time). They found that seeds germinate better, plants grow easier with lesser problems, animals are healthier and better performing and producing, humans feel much better and more energetic, food and beverages improve and water is enjoyable again.  In the first years they were the only company in SA offering anything at all for organic farming and now they are the only company on the South African market which offers complete ranges  - and all totally environmental friendly, natural, non chemical and non toxic Their aim is to: - Help the user to reduce costs, increase quality and yield  - Secure his future with sustainable agriculture  - Produce healthier end products from plants and animals  - Give their environment a chance to heal because without a healthy environment  They believe in honest and fair business – no pushing of products, over-selling, promising more than they can do – but in building a close relationship with their clientel that is based on understanding and trust. 

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Company Offices
  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Durban
  • 12 Hibiscus Str., Durbanville