• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1992

Organización Navarra de Ayuda entre Pueblos (ONAY)

ONAY was born with the idea of ​​centralizing all solidarity actions that were carried out from the University of Navarra, driven by the good will of many university students and with an increasing echo among the students; some were aimed at groups of outcasts in the same environment of Navarra, others had as their goal cooperation initiatives in other countries. THE VISION that ONAY has on its specific way of achieving the fulfillment of its Mission is specified in: Facilitate the tools for real development in the countries of the South, through quality education and health. Achieve true development in the areas of action, maintaining execution over time, creating effective and continuous impact. To this end, it will promote an awareness of help, awareness and training that serves activities aimed at raising awareness and motivation, seeking the necessary means. ONAY prioritizes in its working methods and in relations with its collaborators, with its counterparts and with third parties in general, the care and promotion of THE VALUES that inspire the Organization “Respect for the person. Willingness to put people at the center of each activity - beneficiaries, volunteers, professionals-; Believe in your dignity, creativity and active participation in problem solving. ” “Transparency and austerity. Commitment to handle and use responsibly the means we have available for the fulfillment of our mission. ” "Team work. The effective solutions come from the union of capacities of the beneficiaries, the local partners and the ONAY team. ” “The professionalism. The search for continuous improvement of management capabilities - of our staff, volunteers and government bodies - to ensure the achievement of the objectives.
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