• Organization TypeAssociation
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersIndia
  • Founded1974

Orissa Voluntary Health Association (OVHA)

OVHA's goal is “To make health a reality for the people of Odisha” that in turn will enable every individual to lead a social and economically productive life. Since 1974 OVHA is taking initiatives in this direction. A cursory view over Odisha's current development scenario will reveal that despite state's economic growth, the issue of a healthy rural Odisha is a cause of concern for the policy makers. Keeping in view the prevailing rural health situation, it seems that more efforts are required towards making health services and facilities accessible and available for the people of rural areas. There is a felt need for quality management and quality assurance in rural health care delivery system so as to make the same more effective, economical and accountable. Though the Government is primarily responsible for public health care, it is their duty to strive hard towards building an integrated service. Attention is required on conducting study on need assessment to identify the factors affecting the quality of service delivery in health sector. On the other hand, through culture bound behavior change communication, delivered through several complementary channels health messages need to reach every household repeatedly. Key themes should include family planning, antenatal care, promotion of institutional deliveries, breastfeeding, immunization, complementary feeding, hygiene and care seeking. OVHA through its various interventions with support from partner agencies and member organizations have been putting its efforts to change the health scenario of the state. It has traveled a very long journey to build sustainable relations with its member organizations and supporting agencies. It is the result of this relationship  that today they feel proud to share the 38 Annual Report 2011 - 2012 with you, this publication has given them a challenge to find new ways to make equitable, affordable and quality health care accessible to the community, especially the poor and the vulnerable sections. From the bottom of my heart I am thankful for the support you have given in their efforts, for the motivation you have build through your trust and for the bonding shared by you in this journey. With that I wish all the success to their future collaborative efforts for the development of their state in the coming years. Orissa Voluntary Health Association (OVHA) has completed 37 years of service by 2011. It is a matter of great pleasure and honour for OVHA and its associated member organisation for their commitment and contribution in the field of health and allied field. Member organisations are proud to be a part of the largest network of health NGOs in Odisha. They all are working together to improve the health indicators of the state in the country. The task is gigantic. But they all as a committed group will carry forward their mission to see a better just society where all are accessible to health facilities in and around their habitat. OVHA as an association is committed to make health a reality. To achieve this goal the association has not left any stone unturned. Stating from awareness generation, capacity building to service providers and distribution of IEC materials at all levels by direct intervention or facilitate the member organisation to carryout the activities. A special attention is given on spatial distribution of work. The association ensures quality intervention. In some cases the association also carryout the pilot projects to show it as models. Their initiation is a particle of sand in the ocean of development. But they try to leave their imprint through their activities, which can be implemented and replicated elsewhere. They were working, are working and will work to achieve their predefined goal. VISION People of the state would be able to live a healthy and peaceful life that would base on 'growth with justice'. Peaceful community and family life would replace violence, misery, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, gender inequality, diseases and infirmity. In fulfilling the needs of the people the scarce natural resources would be effectively utilised and there would be continuous efforts to promote sustainable human development. Thus they can make health a reality for the people of Odisha. MISSION OVHA would strive hard to systematically convince the government and other agencies about the health needs of the communities. It would help support the government and other agencies in formatting and implementing necessary health programmes in state. It would also facilitate the planning, management and evaluation of health and development activities by the voluntary agencies particularly through the capacity building of NGO workers, sharing information and research findings and extending consultancy support. At the time of need it would also respond to the emergencies, like epidemics, calamities etc. In other words, OVHA would always be putting sincere efforts to promote the health status of the state.
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