• Organization TypeIndependent/None
  • HeadquartersKyrgyzstan
  • Founded2001


Oshelectro OJSC was established on July 1, 2001 as a result of the reorganization of OshPES. Oshelectro OJSC, on the basis of self-sufficiency, distributes and sells electricity, repairs, maintains and operates maintenance of distribution electric networks with a voltage of 35-10-6-0.4 kV, located at the borders of Batken, Osh Oblast and the city of Osh. Oshelectro OJSC services 312,660 individuals and 17,615 legal entities, 24 structural units located in Osh and Batken regions, which operates in the field of air, cable, low-voltage networks and power equipment; activities for the purchase, distribution, sale of electricity. Oshelectro OJSC has 13 districts of electric networks (RES), including: in the city of Osh, energy sales are in the Western and Eastern regions. Also in the structure of Oschelektro OJSC there are production services: - substation service, carries out repair and operational maintenance of substations with voltage of 35 / 10-6 kV; - line service, carries out repair and maintenance of overhead power lines with a voltage of 35 kV; - The service of centralized repair of cable lines, carries out repairs and maintenance of cable power lines with a voltage of 35-10-6 kV; dispatching service, provides operational maintenance of electric networks with voltage of 35-10-6-0.4 kV; - the relay protection and automation service protects the equipment in use and automates the equipment; - the service of isolation, overvoltage protection and testing of electrical equipment provides preventive tests and operates high-voltage insulation and overvoltage protection at electric network facilities; - the service of reliability and safety ensures the organization of work on labor protection and safety; - the service of dispatch and technological control systems provides dispatch and technological communication, telemechanics channels, technical operation of line-cable structures used for control channels; mechanization and motor transport service; - the metrological service ensures unity and the required accuracy of measurements at 35 / 6-10 kV substation and measuring instruments used at Oshelectro OJSC; - the repair and maintenance base carries out major and current repairs of the equipment of Oshelektro OJSC, provides with components and components for repair of cable lines, overhead lines 35-10-6-0.4 kV. - TPPE carrying out activities for the purchase and sale of electricity. - Transformer repair workshop where transformers are rewound; resin and mastic cooking; coupling manufacturing    
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Company Offices

  • Kyrgyzstan (headquarters)
  • Osh City
  • 19 A, Razzakova st., Osh, Krygyzstan