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  • Founded2019

PagoPA S.p.A.

PagoPA SpA is a state-owned company created for the purpose of spreading digital services in Italy. The company was created as a result of the "Simplifications" Law Decree ( No. 135 of 14 December 2018 ), converted into law on 12 January 2019, which provides for the establishment of "a joint stock company wholly owned by the State" , supervised by the President of the Council of Ministers or of the Delegated Minister. The company's mission is the widespread diffusion of the digital payment system and services in the country , through the management of the pagoPA platform for digital payments to the Public Administration and through the management of innovative projects related to public services such as IO, the app for public services and the National Digital Data Platform (PDND). How PagoPA SpA was born pagoPA is one of the fastest growing enabling platforms in Italy, as well as one of the pillars on which the digital transformation of the country is based. Over three years, with the push of the Digital Transformation Team in support of the Agency for digital Italy (Agid), the single platform for digital payments has continued to grow with an exponential rate , which already today produces strong benefits for both citizens and public administrations, linked to the simplicity and security of payments and better management of collections. In the face of the rapid growth of pagoPA and the challenges remaining to be faced, the Government has decided to strengthen its direction , taking a further step forward. On February 12, the conversion into law of the “Simplifications” Law Decree (number 135 of December 14, 2018) was published in the Official Journal . Article 8 of the standard recognizes the strategic importance of pagoPA as a fundamental asset for the digitalization of the country , since: in the first part (paragraph 1) it places pagoPA under the direct control of the Prime Minister's Office , which makes use of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the implementation of the Digital Agenda (if appointed); in the second part (paragraph 2), in order to make the diffusion of pagoPA widespread , it creates a state company, charged with managing the further development of the platform and its industrialization. It is a real change of vision , where digital payments are no longer considered as a problem to be managed or a cost to be incurred, but as an opportunity for the entire public sector. In this same perspective, the standard also confers the management and development of the IO project on the nascent company for the creation of a public services app . Mission and objectives There are several reasons why the ideal subject to continue to grow digital payments to the Public Administration has been identified in a joint stock company wholly owned by the State: A company must respond to market rules . This means that it must have autonomy and economic sustainability, work efficiently and competitively and above all be able to attract talent, evaluating people based on skills. The payments market evolves continuously, often quickly and unexpectedly: to survive pagoPA must be able to move dynamically , with different mechanisms than those of a public administration. To grow and boost the world of digital payments pagoPA must act with strong authority, which can only be guaranteed by a company that has specific focus and skills in this particular sector. The goal of PagoPA SpA is to develop the pagoPA platform at its best, with the best technological and strategic tools, and thanks to the best talents, to make it ever stronger on the market. Being a state-owned company, the aim is not to become a competitor to other companies that work in the digital payments market, but on the contrary to try to stimulate and grow this market, creating new opportunities for all Payment Service Providers ( PSP). pagoPA in fact, in the wake of the European regulation PSD2 , opens to all Public Administrations the possibility of using all the Payment Service Providers, leaving the citizen the choice and creating opportunities for the entire sector. In the long journey that led to the birth of the pagoPA company, for the first time the state: has identified a theme, digital payments, which influences the growth of the entire economic fabric ; has decided to tackle it by creating a center of skills , which deals with continuity and authority to re-engineer the processes, making the services simple and effective . In other words, the public sector has chosen to focus on technical profiles to put into practice the principle that if digital services work well, citizens will use them . This means that to make digital public services it is necessary to put the citizen at the center and offer him efficient services, developed competently on the basis of his needs. This is why the new company also takes charge of the creation of the National Digital Data Platform (PDND, formerly DAF), foreseen by the Three-Year Plan , and above all the development of the IO project , the app of public services in Italy . A courageous project , conceived by the Digital Transformation Team, which was born precisely on this paradigm shift: the state must reach out to citizens , not the other way around, thanks to simple and intuitive services ; in the same way, the State has the duty to make the complexity of the administrative machine as transparent as possible to citizens, focusing on satisfying their needs, and no longer on demanding complex and cumbersome fulfilments. This is the philosophy on which we want to base the work that awaits us in the coming years, to develop payments and digital public services in Italy .
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