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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is a political party on paper, but it is way bigger than that. It's a dream for a prosperous Pakistan where every man and woman has high self esteem and takes care of fellow citizens per the priniciples of humanity. The goal of its founder Imran Khan is to ensure Justice for all as he believes that a just society has the best chance to succeed. At the core, PTI just wants to make sure that we as a nation are the best version of ourselves and make a name for us in this world. We believe that Pakistan is a very special country, full of natural resources and full of earnest & intelligent people. But unfortuntely due to the corrupt leadership of the country and lack of justice, we have failed to maximize our capability. It's our dream to see Pakistan as a self sufficient nation who makes its own decision prioritizing the interest of its people. One of the initial goals of PTI was to make our Justice system independent so that all countrymen, be it rich or poor, can get the same level of Justice. We are proud to achieve that in Pakistan after playing the leading role in the lawyers movement and by constantly advocating a system that is fair for all regardless of their social class or demographics.  The other big stance of PTI is that we need to get rid of corrupt leaders in Pakistan who have stolen from the people of Pakistan and made enormous wealth abroad.
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  • House No. 2, Street No. 84, Sector G-6/4