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PCE Instruments is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-performance and innovative products in the fields of measurement technology, control technology, weighing technology and laboratory technology. Especially for trade and industry, PCE Instruments is an interesting partner for the creativity and productivity of individual companies.Likewise for universities and research institutions (institutes). Product ranges with special wishes or preventive maintenance and servicing of the manufactured articles are decisive for all professional partners. Customer wishes and services have the highest priority and are being expanded worldwide by PCE Instruments. The product portfolio of the PCE series from the field of product development is large. Innovations, calculable risks, key pipeline decisions are important guidelines from PCE Instruments. New products today must be smart, efficient, fast and low-risk to stay competitive today and tomorrow. The development and manufacturing process involves close cooperation between manufacturers and retailers to enable the market launch of new high-quality and low-risk products from various industries. The devices of PCE are of high quality and easy to operate. They help buyers to coordinate their own operational processes and control them more effectively. The result is higher value products with a large quantity. Since the implementation of customer requests to supply the corresponding products, PCE Instruments has expanded considerably. Locations in Spain, Italy, England, Chile, Netherlands, France, Turkey and Hong Kong were founded. Russia is already in the development phase.

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