• Organization TypeFoundation
  • HeadquartersNepal
  • Founded1993

Pasang Lhamu Foundation (PLMF)

PLMF is established with the name of first Nepalese Women Everest Sumitter and National Figure late Pasang Lhamu Sherpa in 1993 as a non-political, non-profit making, social, national non-governmental organization. The aimed to establish this organization is to standardize the situation of the women and children at high mountainous and hilly region, develop mountaineering and tourism sector, development and empowerment of women in the country, welfare, and support to the mountaineers and their families as well as other people in the peripherals. One of the achievements of the organization is that the Government of Nepal has just declared Mrs. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa as a National Luminary of the Country. This declaration has been made after nine years of her successful climbing of the Mt. Everest on 22nd of April 2002. She became a 15th and 2nd Women National Luminary of the country. Operational Principle “To uplift deprived and marginalized Women and children from Mountainous and Hilly region in the country as a first class citizen without any discrimination” Organizational Goal “Increase/Enhance efficiency of Nepalese women without any discrimination by providing training and educational facilities as well as safeguarding the rights and interest and providing health facilities, legal and social securities to them.” Organizational value “PLMF believes that all Nepalese women to be as competent as men in the field of education, social, economic and technology.” Objectives of the Organization PLMF’s major objectives are: – To provides or request will be made to concern agencies to initiate required training facilities regarding climbing for Nepalese Climbers. Priority will be given to Nepalese women climbers. With the view to safeguard life of climbers from serious problem and natural disaster at High Mountain, a permanent and effective Rescue Team will be established with it’s immediate service to be provided. To maintain high quality and effective services of Rescue Team, necessary training will be given by bringing expert from aboard or by sending rescue members to aboard. To establish welfare fund to provide climbing training to climbers, Rescue service operation programme, support the climbers’ families and to implement other welfare activities. To encourage Nepalese Women Climbers to climb mountain and increase the national pride. The Foundation itself established in the name of Nepalese national figure so that the foundation will organize various social, economic and cultural programme for women empowerment and development. As a self-governing and non-profit making organization, various creative and extra curricular activities will be organized time by time. Various creative and institutional programmes will be conducted n related to mountaineering and women development as well as education development for women. Within the constitutional entity, the relation with government and other agencies will be made and various programmes will conduct in mutual cooperation with them.
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