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Pecinta Budaya Bebali Foundation (YPBB)

The Bebali Foundation – Yayasan Pecinta Budaya Bebali (YPBB) – is an Indonesian non-profit organization that helps hundreds of weavers who live in remote, under-developed villages turn textiles, crafts, and other expressions of their local cultures into badly needed income in a way that is environmentally sustainable, promotes cultural integrity, and empowers women. Our partners have provided us with a “mandate” of issues that they want addressed, in three general areas: incubating community businesses, managing forests and natural resources, and nurturing traditional culture. Bebali Foundation (YPBB) works in some of Indonesia’s most impoverished areas, including East and West Nusa Tenggara, the interior of Kalimantan, and the mountains of Sulawesi.  
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Company Offices

  • Indonesia
  • Ubud
  • Bebali Foundation Jalan Bisma #3, Ubud, Bali 80571 INDONESIA