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Peripheral Vision International (PVI) was formed in 2011 with the mission to transform East Africa’s media landscape in a way that promotes human rights, increases access to information, and empowers marginalized communities. PVI partners with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs) to expand media literacy and media access in countries such as Uganda – the primary base of operation – and Tanzania. PVI’s innovative programs help build capacity for civil society to communicate effectively and facilitate behavior change. Peripheral Vision International is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization For Profit Enterprises For profit organizations play a role in East Africa’s development. They shape the market, but are equally shaped by it. Companies require a social license to operate and must communicate their brand and messaging to the right people in the right way. They look for opportunities to collaborate that align with their mission through meaningful CSR campaigns, community investment initiatives, or brand promotion for responsible companies. Nonprofit enterprises Few local NGOs, international NGOs, development and aid organizations have the know-how, reach or capacity to engage audiences in significant ways. PVI partners with nonprofits working to affect positive social change in Uganda by strengthening their communication and expanding their reach. Much of Ugandan civil society is far removed from the average citizen and the monitoring and evaluation research conducted by NGOs in Uganda is often rife with biases and fails to adhere to basic principles of external and internal validity. PVI partners with top researchers from the Public Health sector and renowned academic institutions to test the reach and effectiveness of its campaigns. This research focuses on audience consumption of media, locating untapped potential that other firms miss. PVI works quickly, tactically and dynamically, using sound research methods and overlooked technologies, such as simple SMS, audiotapes, VCDs, and surveys of on-the-ground sellers who understand consumer demand, to identify and develop data-driven programming. Another proven resource has been digital database maps through which each individually numbered disc is distributed using a customized phone app that allows the field team to geo-tag, photograph and upload survey information on each business in a distribution network. PVI shapes this programming around research results and distribution opportunities.

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