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  • Founded2001
PharmAccess is an international, not-for-profit organization of Dutch origin. The company's mission is to improve access to quality health care in low-income countries in Africa, through building sustainable health systems and applying innovative financing mechanisms. They stablish public-private partnerships with local organizations and use an output-based approach.  PharmAccess was founded in 2001 and is its key activities are currently focused on 10 African countries. Their head office is in Amsterdam and we have country offices in Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia and Ghana. Their activities are financed by donors and clients, such as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), multinational corporations and the Rockefeller Foundation.  PharmAccess supports programs and offers services in several areas:  voluntary health insurance for low-income groups;  quality improvement, assurance and accreditation of clinics and hospitals;  support of corporate and national healthcare programs;  clinical and operational research programs.  PharmAccess co-initiated the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), the Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA), the Medical Credit Fund (MCF) and SafeCare. These organizations form a cluster with a common heritage and shared vision, and together aim to achieve impact through a mix of innovation and implementation. Vision Traditional means of channelling donor funds through the public system to improve facilities and overall health care in developing countries has proven to be insufficient. They consider healthcare delivery as a value chain where all elements of the health system – hospitals and clinics, laboratories, medication, administrative systems, financing and patients – must be present to enable the delivery of quality care. Developing an optimally functioning health system therefore requires an alignment of both demand and supply of health care combined with a focus on improving efficiency and quality of care. They value the potential influence that health insurance and health insurers have in ensuring the functioning and sustainability of a well-oiled system. To achieve this, PharmAccess supports programs and offers services in the areas of medical and administrative capacity building, health insurance, medical credit funds, HIV/AIDS and healthcare workplace programs, health investments, development of novel health products and services, and the collection of key information on health systems in developing countries.  To achieve the goal of improving health systems and access to health in developing countries, a two-pronged strategy is applied. On the one hand, PharmAccess and the Health Insurance Fund stimulate the demand for health care by: improving the quality of health services and health care by training staff, improving management, and investing in the infrastructure Subsidizing health insurance, which enables people to access health services and offers health providers a secured income. On the other hand the Investment Fund for Health in Africa and theMedical Credit Fund stimulate the supply side of the healthcare market by: providing private equity through IFHA, a form of capital so far inaccessible for African private health providers and insurers providing affordable debt financing (credit) through MCF, which enables healthcare providers to construct additional facilities or renovate existing facilities, purchase (specialized) equipment, and offer additional medical services. PharmAccess, the Health Insurance Fund, MCF and IFHA are complementary. The long-term commitment of donor funds made available through the Health Insurance Fund reduces the risk for private investors as demand is guaranteed upfront, paving the way for investments through IFHA. Part of the proceeds of IFHA will in turn flow back to the Health Insurance Fund to finance additional insurance schemes. Primary targets of IFHA are the insurers, medical supply chains and providers who execute the Health Insurance Fund programs. In addition, MCF supports the clinics which provide care to the target populations of the Health Insurance Fund schemes  Mission PharmAccess Foundation is a fast growing international organization aiming to improve access to affordable quality basic health care in low-income countries in Africa at the bottom of the pyramid.  PharmAccess introduces a new approach, which advocates a different organization of healthcare delivery and contributes to the building of sustainable health systems and a sustainable health care economy.

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